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Certified Teachers

At St. Soldier Divine Public School we have Certified Teachers to teach students. A Certified Teacher is a teaching credential which is a qualification conferred by a state agency to teachers who have completed certain state-mandated requirements, such as education courses and student teaching experience, and have passed additional state-mandated teaching examinations.

Special Education

St. Soldier Divine Public School is known for its Special Education. For many parents only academic education is not sufficient for the overall development of Student’s Personality. For this reason we offer Special Education which combines the Academic Excellence with the Personality Excellence.

Book & Library

Reading improves the intellectual capacity and good books are the real tool for it. The Library at St. Soldier Divine Public schools are well equipped with Text Books, Reference Books, General Books, Journals and Magazines for assisting students in their studies and improving the reading habit.


St. Soldier Divine Public School under the aegis of St. Soldier Educational Society offers Master Raj Kanwar Chopra Memorial Scholarships worth Rupees One Crore to deserving students. Every year more than 2000 students who are deprived members of society, meritorious students, Sports Achievers, Extra Curricular Activity achievers receive these scholarships for continuation of their studies.

Welcome to St. Soldier Divine Public School

St. Soldier Divine Public School has established itself as the most trusted progressive and reliable school in the region. It is enjoying the repute, recognition and respect from the parents of our students and from other stakeholders of the society. We have not only achieved the academic excellence through our experienced teachers, but we have achieved many heights in the co curricular activities like sports, cultural, Social and many others.

We encourage every St. Soldierite to become the leader in his/her sphere and prepare them to effectively face the challenges of this growing world. We invite you to St. Soldier Divine School and see the glorious place of education yourself. St. Soldier Divine Public School is Best School for Best Students.

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What We Offer

St. Soldier Divine Public School’s students are prepared for an ever more swiftly changing world. We train them to develop the social and communication skills required for this, and help them to grow up to become citizens of the world ̶ no matter where they live.

Safety First

St. Soldier Divine Public School has rigorous policies in place to ensure the safety, well-being and security of all our staff, students, parents and visitors.

Regular Classes

St. Soldier Divine Public School conducts regular classes for its students. Students are encouraged to keep their attendance above 95% and we do honor students who achieve 100% attendance in the session.

Certified Teachers

At St. Soldier Divine Public School we have Certified Teachers to teach students.

Sufficient Classrooms

We have the best Infrastructure in the region when it comes to class rooms and other facilities.

Creative Lessons

Creativity is a key to encourage the imagination. At St. Soldier Divine Public School special emphasis is given on Creativity and every teacher is encouraged for preparing their lecture with creative ideas.

Sports Facilities

To keep students physically fit we have special classes for the sports, we have infrastructure for indoor and outdoor sports. Cricket, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Table Tennis, and Chess are few games that to mention here. We encourage our students take part in athletic games.

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